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Aislynn, Lady of the Moon
Immortal Profile
Name: Aislynn, Lady of the Moon
Class Role: Support Tank
Attack Type: Magical Damage
Ability Type: Physical Damage
Attack Damage: 44 (+3.20) Attack Speed: 0.621 (+0.02)
Attack Range: 70 Move Speed: 118
Armor: 6 (+0.30) Magic Resist: 6 (+0.15)
Max Health: 420 (+85.00) Max Mana: 210 (+40.00)
Health Regen: 1.42 (+0.10) Mana Regen: 0.68 (+0.12)


Light of the MoonIcon
Light of the Moon(Q)
Mana Cost: 70/95/120/145/170 Radius: 100
Cooldown: 15 Cast Time: 0.4 seconds
Type: Ground Targeted Duration: N/A
Range: 200


Heals ally immortals in the area of effect for (110/145/190/235/280)(+0.85) health and increases their Armor and Magical Resistance by (2/3/4/5/6) for 4 seconds.

Deals (90/130/170/200/230)(+0.75) magic damage to enemies in the area of effect and blocks stealth on enemy immortals for 5 seconds.
Heart of the MountainIcon
Heart of the Mountain(W)
Mana Cost: 45/75/100/125/155 Radius: N/A
Cooldown: 18 Cast Time: 0.3 seconds
Type: Direct Targeted Duration: N/A
Range: 200


Ally is shielded for 6 seconds, absorbing up to (120/190/260/330/400)(+1.15) damage. When cast, Aislynn gains Strength of the Ancestors increasing her armor by (3/4/5/6/7) and outgoing healing by 15% for 6 seconds.
Spirit of the WolfIcon
Spirit of the Wolf(E)
Mana Cost: 70/90/110/130/150 Radius: 140
Cooldown: 25/23/21/19/17 Cast Time: Instant
Type: Aura Buff Duration: 4 seconds
Range: N/A


Aislynn and her allies within the aura gain (16%/18%/20%/22%/24%) movement speed and (4%/5%/6%/7%/8%) damage reduction. Lasts 4 seconds.
Mana Cost: 200/230/260/290/320 Radius: N/A
Cooldown: 140 Cast Time: Instant
Type: Direct Targeted Duration: 6 seconds
Range: 300


Aislynn places the gift of Rebirth on herself or an allied immortal that lasts 6 seconds. Should the target die within that duration, they will be resurrected in 6 seconds with (40%/47.5%/55%/62.5%/70%) health and 30% mana. If the resurrected target is an ally, Aislynn will recover the mana cost.
Call of the BearIcon
Call of the Bear(D)
Targeting Type: Map-WideRange: Map
Targets Affected: Self & Ally Players
Casting Time: 0.5 seconds


Increases ally immortals' armor and magic resistance by 25+(+5 per tactical level) for 6 seconds. When cast, Aislynn is cleansed of all standard debuff effects and is immune to standard debuffs for the duration.

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