Their was once a kind witch who lived in a village. She used her powers and knowledge to help the villagers. One day the Lord and lady of the land requested that the witch help them have a child. Unfortunatly, nothing that the witch did could fill the hollow womb. The Lord pleaded for her to use her magic. The witch agreed but said that he would pay the price.

The lady Azcadelia gave birth to three little boys but she died. The lord wanted the witch to help but she refused. The lord locked the witch in the lowest dungeon until she agreed to resurect his wife.

After a year of unjust inprisonment, the witch agreed to bring the lady Azcadelia back to life. The heart of the witch had grown twisted and cruel and for seven days and seven nights, she made her curse. She finally cast the spell.

All the lights in the castle and the lady Azcadelia rose out from the shadows. Screams filled the castle and the villagers locked their doors, wishing for the nightmare to end.

The next day, the village sent a seach party up to the castle. The lord was found dead on the floor with a grimace in his eyes and the three babies were gone.

Sunset came and the villagers hid in fear. Azcadelia came with her sons, corrupted by the curse. No one survived.