Build: 399274
Ustat, Master of the Red Wolf
Release Date
December 12, 2012
• New Immortal: Ustat
• Tactical UI Introduction
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Ustat, Master of the Red Wolf


Vicious Lunge - Ustat sends Bakir to hamstring target opponent. Bakir deals 55/115/155/215/295(.45) physical damage. The target is also slowed by 30% for 4 seconds.

Twin Leap - Ustat leaps away from the target position as Bakir lunges in a line toward the targeted position dealing 60/95/160/225/275(.35)

Soul Bond - Whenever Ustat's weapon attack hits an enemy, the enemy will be debuffed with Natures Ire. Whenever Ustat attacks a target that has the Nature's Ire debuff on them, it will cause Bakir to attack the target once. Further attacks by Ustat will continue to trigger Bakir's attacks multiplied by (.22)

Iron Fang (Ult) - Ustat launches a spear with all the ferocity and strength of the wild. The spear will travel across the map doing 250/250/450/550/650(1) of physical damage to each enemy it hits. The spear reveals fog of war as it travels

The Great Hunt (Sig) - Ustat shrouds his team with Nature's guise for 3 seconds, making the invisible regardless of whether they use weapon attacks or active abilities. In addition, for the next 15 seconds, Bakir deals double damage. Any time Ustat gets a kill or assist, he refreshes his invisibility for an additional 3 seconds.

New Features

  • New channeling progress bar
  • Added new audio for Talia Succubus Lure
  • Ranked matches ready to roll out!
  • Talia's ult. If Talia is moving when she casts her ult, she will stop to cast as usual, but will now no longer resume movement once the ability is cast.
  • Tactical Build tab in Manage Immortals UI! Review tactical items and setup favorite builds outside of tactical game.
  • Emerald Shard skin has unique (emerald) FX!
  • Improvements to bot AI in PvE:
    • Don't charge down the lane before creeps spawn.
    • Don't target enemy creeps that are on the other side of an enemy turret.
    • Return to base to purchase items more often.
    • Use teleport to return to base properly.
    • Accept more risk to kill a turret if it is almost dead.

Bug Fixes

  • Tactical consumables using global timers are not updated when creating a new consumable item (buy a tp scroll, use it, buy another, currently don't see the cooldown).
  • Countdown floaty text for Fear Thy Shadow stops when no more shadelings alive.
  • Fixed audio bugs for Talia, Trovoc, Pycon, and Scorpix abilities.
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