Build: 401549
Kaos is also receiving a visual rework!
Release Date
December 12, 2012
• New Tutorial
• Team Particle Effects
• Removal of Spirit Vamp
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Build: 399274Build: 407333


- New Battle for Graxia Tutorial! - Ally/Enemy ability FX (see list below) - Return of First Win of the Day bonus for 5v5 solo/group


- Fix for moving to attack sometimes failing occupation, causing it to overlap the unit to attack

- Normalized the effective leash ranges for ranged and melee creeps (leash range + weapon range = effective leash range)

- Fix for Trovoc's Crippling Fire facing wrong direction visually (still was doing the damage appropriately where you clicked)

- Fix for being able to cast your main weapon ability while casting another Immortal ability

- Fix for stuck channeling progress bar

- Fix for leveling effects showing through brush

- Fix for pycon's sig gaining charges over time after he dies

- Fix for bug causing players to be perma-logged in (fixes "account already logged in" error)


- The following abilities now have ally/enemy variants on their visual FX:

-- Azcadelia

  Umbral Veil
  Web of Shadows
  Abyssal Queen

-- Ichorr

  Enchanted Grove
  Thorn Barrier
  Forest Juggernaut


  Acid Grenade
  Ionic Plasma Strike

-- Karapyss

  Elder Leviathan
  Storm Wall

-- Kreed

  Fiery Dance
  Glaciate (Primal)	   
  Air State

-- Kyrie

  Dementia Gas Bomb

-- Nauria

  Spiral of Pain

-- Lazarus

  Oblivion Shift

-- Scorpix

  Corrosive Carapace
  Infectious Torrent

-- Shard

  Crystal Backlash
  Stalagmite Smash
  Stalactite Storm

-- Tatiana

  Elemental Vortex
  Spiritual Blast
  Elemental Nova

-- Trovoc

  Dragon Totem

-- Ukkonen

  Strike Twice

-- Vezin

  Arena of Death
  Realm of Death

- Reduced bonus ability damage from Ustat's sig from 100% to 50%, and reworded tooltip to match

- The standard 5v5 map now gives 50% XP/GP bonus for first win of the day

- Reduced the XP (win 15, loss 10) and GP (win 50, loss 40) currency gained when winning/losing a custom 5v5 match

- Reduced the leash radius of the crystalline construct and obsidian titan on the 5v5 map (300 -> 225)

- Sprit Vamp stat removed from the game:

Cultist Dirk:

Spirit Vamp removed from all upgrade tiers. Weapon Damage increased from 15/25/50/65 to 15/30/60/75 and Lifesteal increased from 7/9/11/13 to 9/11/13/15.

Sword Discipline Tree:

Spirit Vamp in offensive sword tree removed. Added Scaling Defense Penetration of 0.03/0.06 per tactical level.


Balak: Premium Powdered Bullets:

6s duration; 14s cooldown

60/70/80/90/100 mana cost

Damage: 20/25/30/35/40

Area effect % scaling unchanged

Increased the splash radius to 110


Hellfire Arrows:

Now Passive

No number changes


Inner Strength: Spellpower coefficient reduced from 0.30 to 0.25

Fate of Darkness: Spellpower coefficient reduced from 1.0 to 0.90; Healing from damaging immortals reduced from 55% to 50%

Elder Blood: Cooldown Increased from 120 to 140/135/130/125/120; Duration reduced from 4/4.75/5.50/6.25/7.0 to 4/4.5/5.0/5.5/6.0


Base Armor reduced from 5 + 0.5/lvl to 5 + 0.35/lvl

Summon Broodlings: Damage reduced from 50 per broodling to 40 per broodling; Broodling Poison damage reduced from 14 damage per second to 10 damage per second per stack; Weapon Damage

Coefficient reduced from 0.2/broodling to 0.16 per broodling.

Venomous Sting: Poison Duration Reduced from 6 seconds to 5 seconds.


Dragon Totem: Knockback Reduced from 200 to 150; Knockback speed increased from 250 to 300; Enfeeble Duration reduced from 2.5s to 1.5s; Cooldown increased from 130/127/124/121/118 to


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