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On a distant world far from Graxia, the tides of war violently surged across the lands--no kingdom or tribe was sparred from Pycon's savage conquest. While all other peoples were forced to submit to the savage king's rule, the sun-worshiping Tau'khan proved formidable in their resistance. For ten years the two great kingdoms were locked in brutal conflict as Pycon's legions were unable to breach the dense jungles of the Tau'khan homeland, and the lion warriors could only pick away at the seemingly limitless horde one ambush at a time. Both sides weary and spent, a stalemate was agreed to, leading to years of uneasy peace between them.

Determined to maintain his people's sovereignty, the Tau'khan's high priest, the mighty Kavashiir, locked himself away in seclusion to pray to their solar deity for guidance. On the seventh day of Kavashiir's meditation, he was visited by a strange vision of an epic tournament waging on a distant world called Graxia. Divine whispers made promises of immortality and power enough to see his people forever free from the threat of war and conquest, but warned that Kavashiir could not step through the portal alone. He must convince the equally worthy Pycon to join him in the great contest.

With his enemy-turned-brother-in-arms at his side, Kavashiir walked boldly through the portal, fiercely determined to secure victory not for Graxia, not for himself, but for his people.