• Tzai has a lot of similarities with Tien Shinhan from the Dragon Ball universe. Both are bald martial artists with a third eye. Tzai’s icon for Focused Chakra resembles Tien’s stance (hands forming a triangular shape) when charging his Tri-Beam technique although it might only be a coincidence due to the gesture being a common representation of concentration.
  • He also resembles Combustion Man from Avatar: The Last Airbender.


  • His Old School Kung Fu skin is a possible reference to the martial artist Jim Kelly who was famous during the 1970s and also co-starred with Bruce Lee in Enter the Dragon. Tzai also wears bell-bottoms in this skin, a kind of trousers famous during the 1970s. Old-School Kung Fu Tzai's dance animation is different from that of his other skins.
  • Clergy Tzai resembles the legendary Bak Mei (literally “White Eyebrows”), a character portrayed in several Chinese Martial Arts movies. Additionally, he resembles Master Roshi and his uniform resembles those that are worn by the students of the Turtle School.

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